Sunday, February 21, 2010

the best is yet to come

it feels completely insane to write that after 5 years of blood, sweat, tears, and some of the best times of our lives... the Castledoor chapter as we know it is coming to a close.

i always thought we would be the band that would survive anything.
most of us were actually feeling optimistic about things lately.
we recently finished recording some our most exciting songs with plans for a photo shoot, video shoot and press.

the slow progression of our band as a career only made us want to work harder.
regardless of the frustrations we had we always valued the fundamental joy of playing music with each other.

sadly, Gabe announced to us this week that he was ready to move on from Castledoor.

we're really bummed but we wish Gabe and Coury all the happiness in the world.

soon we hope to make the recent recordings (Flashlight EP) available on all digital music stores, including iTunes.

we're sincerely grateful to all of you who have shown your support.
from the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU!

Joel, Brando, Liska & I plan to continue making music together.
although we're filled with all sorts of emotions, there is an overwhelming sense that the best is yet to come.

love, nate and all of castledoor


  1. Ah, I'm absolutely gutted, but I understand. Thank you so much for sharing your music with us. I love you, Castledoor. <3

  2. gabe and coury... :( that's a bummer.

    i still am in love with my tote and rad tshirt. yep. and i still love the music reguardless ... [did i spell that right?!] eh. whatevs.

  3. sad day :( so is Monday night your last show with Gabe and Coury?? doubly glad i'll be there then.

  4. I am very sad to see things change like this, but I look forward to seeing what the future brings for all of you. Lots of love, and God Bless!

  5. sad to see them go but, I'm VERY glad you guys will continue to make music.

    wish you all the best of luck.

  6. love you guys! sad you never came to florida

  7. I love Castledoor! Will miss you guys!

  8. This feels really depressing.....but if the best is yet to come, then we'll look towards the future with continued hope.

  9. I'm super glum that I haven't had the chance to be in your glorious presence with Gabe & Coury as part of the team, but I hope with all of my heart that the next chapter of the band & of your lives are more glorious than you can ever imagine! <3

  10. Everyone else has said everything I feel so well, so likewise. Best of luck to everyone of Castledoor, past, present, and future. <3

  11. i am will always be missed....and i will continue to listen to your sounds til i die.

  12. Cheer up! I'm sure you guys will continue to make beautiful music as you always do and I wish them the best! They are writing their story as you have written yours. THATS GREAT!

    Continue on the path where the wind blows you... <3

  13. Since many of us loyal castledoor fans never got to see you play live (due to being on the east coast), is there any chance you could make a full version of your last show available on YouTube or some other site (vimeo, perhaps)? That would be wonderful!! Thanks for the fantastic and incredibly inspiring music. Don't give up the ship!!!

  14. I have been listening to you for about a year, and am terribly sad the day I check out your blog is just five days after this sad decision has been made. It would've been so amazing if you guys had scored an Olympic spot here in Vancouver, BC ... but hopefully the best is yet to come.

  15. I've been following your music for the past 4 years and this makes me really sad, but I know you guys are going onto great heights and it's just a matter of time before you are one of the most popular groups in America. I tell all of my friends about your music and I've gotten them hooked too, so keep up the good work and keep playing!

  16. what a sad post...but i'm a fan & will continue to stay a fan for all of the members. feeling excited about what's to come for Castledoor's music, can't wait...

  17. Soooo, how bout a little Plus One reunion?? I mean..c'mon-just a couple shows!

  18. Thats why Gabe left right???
    To practice for the +1 reunion!!
    (I wish..)

    Can't wait to hear the new stuff
    best of luck to Gabe and Coury

  19. I love Castledoor. Please continue to make music, and share it with all of us. I am looking forward to see what you (Nate) will create. I have ALWAYS loved your music and always will.

    Just create whatever you have in your heart, and believe me that people will love it!

  20. no! dam. I really would have loved to see you play live.
    It's a mystery to my why ya'll haven't exploded by now.
    thanks for putting out the amazing music that you did. You've been in my personal mix for years and I never get sick of it.
    good luck and love to you all