Thursday, April 29, 2010

2nd place

we took 2nd place in the rock category for the songwriting competition that we told you about last month.

there were over 15,000 entries, so that's pretty cool. also, tom waits, black francis, james mercer, timbaland, robert smith & the kings of leon were all apart of the judges panel, so that's also pretty cool.

in terms of a tangible prize, we get an sm58 microphone, an m-audio keyboard, 30 packs of guitar strings and a few other random dilly dallies. so there, that's also pretty cool.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flashlight EP details

we recorded this new ep completely on our own, similar to how we did our first ep "Follow the Dove," except this time around each band member recorded their individual parts at their home studio...which in some cases just meant GarageBand. then we compiled all the tracks onto one computer and had our go-to mixer Robin Holden mix and master. we are very pleased with the results.


1. Burning Bridges On Purpose
2. Chance
3. Flashlight
4. Man Overboard
5. Let's Suffer Together

we wrote most of these these songs around the end of 2009. "Man Overboard" is the only exception - being one of the first songs we wrote when the band started. we recorded a new version of it that sounds warm and fits in well with the new material.

this will be a digital-only release (no physical copies will be made). the company that puts our music on iTunes didn't give us a release date - should be out in about 3 weeks though. we'll definitely keep you in the loop.

for a free download of the title track, go here: