Monday, October 27, 2008

it's just STUFF

i totaled my car just a few blocks from the studio.
lisa called the insurance company.
(thank goodness she purchased insurance a couple weeks ago)
then aaron came down and gave us words of encouragement.
we picked up a rental car and carried on with recording.

ain't nothin gonna stop us!

"i'll shake the dust right off of my feet"

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

songs becoming an album

gosh, it's starting to feel really good
we've been slaving away for the last couple months
just trying to write good songs
we may have come up with something special
something that could take us out of obscure indie band land *lol* ...*tears*
now we're faced with the challenge of recording those songs

we've struggled with this area in the past
never been fully satisfied with our recorded music

i am happy and surprised to hear myself type this.. these new recordings are VERY satisfying

we magically collided with a producer who is a perfect match for us right now

everyone in the band keeps saying how much fun this is
and it is, but there's this other weird element to it
like we're all a bunch of zombies just walking out a predestined adventure

back at it again tonight...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

on this harvest moon

i believe in the moon!

there was such a stiring last night.
we tracked 4 songs in about 3 hours.
o boy does it feel nice to be in good hands.

tonight we begin work on a song temporarily titled "hush"

usually i have a title for the song and then the band has a speparate title.
"hush" was adopted because we sing the word several times.
but it's not very original. which is an ironic concern, because one of the songs themes is that there's nothing new under the sun. (side note: there actually seems to be some completely original ideas and creations under the sun... ie: the spaceship)

i started brainSTORMing for a diff title.
the song mentions the moon. and today is the "harvest moon"
turns out some dude already used that title. but hey, there's nothin new under the sun... or is there.
once in a blue moon, i suppose.

after further research it looks like technically this moon is the "hunter's moon"
which is also a common song title (just search the itunes store).


sorry for the heavy verbage and lack of visual stimuli.
hopefully we'll get some pix goin on the next post.

feel free to post song title ideas in the comments!

"the moon is empathizing how i toss and turn...

it says "hush" ..."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

spring up o well

we got lots of new songs in the works
honestly, i've never been more excited about castle_D music, eva
we're being very critical of ourselves, but at the same time feeling very freeeee

some temporary song titles

Hidden Treasure
Across The Border
Free! The Separation of Church and Nate
The Bad Guy

that's all fer now
can't wait til you get to here it

(image stolen from someones flickr)


p.s. speaking of FREE, check out this artist: Claes Oldenburg