Friday, July 13, 2007

yes master

mastering was last weekend--
mark chalecki is the mad scientist behind mastering.

so now tomorrow (saturday July 14th, 2007) we will do our final revisions and print the master. then-- over the weekend we'll finish up the art (well, lisa will finish up the art while i check on her every 2 minutes saying "how's it goin', babe?")

so, most of castledoor got to see dr. dog play while they were in california.
they were great bearded musicians.
lisa and i waited in a "signing line" to meet them and felt like complete dweebs, and since lisa was nervous she made fun of one of the guys' sunburns.

oh- and we're playing a cd release show with Earlimart on Aug. 17th in santee monikee. should be fun.

okay, keep an eye on our myspace... we should be posting new music soon!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

mixy mix at the ship hole

last week of mixing...

mastering on суббота...