Wednesday, March 11, 2009

morro bay

i have an obsession with the coast of northern california.
i've only spent time there on a handful of occasions, but
each time has been rich. just simply making the drive up
the pacific coast highway, or even inland on the 101 is an
experience that makes you think hard and ache in a good
way. at the moment, the way it looks and feels to me is
how i want the music to sound. i don't always aim for
that when writing a song, cause the songs kinda choose
their own personality in a way. but anyway--

last year lisa and i went to morro bay, which is actually
south of monterey. we have a song on the new album
that's sort of an ode to both locations.
below are some photos of our time in morro bay:


  1. love these... i went to morro bay last sept and it was quite an experience. can't wait to hear the song

  2. !! i live around this area!
    well not really but close enough.
    i can't believe you guys were so close.
    maybe next time you guys can come and play here!
    please =]

  3. Beautiful photographs. You're right, it is an amazing area. I love the drive around there.

  4. Interesting interpretation of my beautiful Morro Bay, I like it. Will have to check out your music!

  5. april 21 is on my calender.

    p.s. fantastic photos!

  6. You have to be using a toy camera! I love my Holga. I also own a Diana F+ and its the best gift i've ever gotten!!! :)

    Beautiful pictures, and your music is boss <3