Monday, March 30, 2009

Invisible Children (& a new free song!)

ok so here's the deal...

On April 25th, non-profit INVISIBLE CHILDREN will be staging a global event in an effort to rescue the 3,000 child soldiers in Uganda, and we are part of a coalition of bands/musicians creating awareness online to make this a huge success via and

In support of The Rescue we are giving away a free download of our song "Hidden Treasure" on

go to the site (i think you need to create a login username/password), click on Free Music and you'll find us under the alphabetical artists list, then click Get Track. a short video will play, once it's finished you will be able to download the song.

This song is one of our personal fav's and has become a live favorite for fans as well. It will be featured on our new record Shouting At Mountains out on iTunes April 21st!

p.s. in other news...
just put in an order for castledoor tote bags (gonna start makin' the merch happen like a rurl band!)


  1. ughhh i've been trying to get the song for 2 days
    the zip file is damaged whenever i try to download it

  2. I'm all about the tote bags. Way cooler than plastic.

  3. You guys did something very special with the new album. Fr-fr-fricken good.

  4. Hey Castledoor,

    My name is Cameron Woodward and I work for Invisible Children. I juat wanted to thank you so much for all your support with the RESCUE event. If any of you are in the San Diego area, please come by for a tour of the office.

    Thanks again,
    Cameron Woodward