Tuesday, October 21, 2008

songs becoming an album

gosh, it's starting to feel really good
we've been slaving away for the last couple months
just trying to write good songs
we may have come up with something special
something that could take us out of obscure indie band land *lol* ...*tears*
now we're faced with the challenge of recording those songs

we've struggled with this area in the past
never been fully satisfied with our recorded music

i am happy and surprised to hear myself type this.. these new recordings are VERY satisfying

we magically collided with a producer who is a perfect match for us right now

everyone in the band keeps saying how much fun this is
and it is, but there's this other weird element to it
like we're all a bunch of zombies just walking out a predestined adventure

back at it again tonight...


  1. this comment does not fully represent the excitement we have for all of you.

  2. who is this magical producer??