Tuesday, October 14, 2008

on this harvest moon

i believe in the moon!

there was such a stiring last night.
we tracked 4 songs in about 3 hours.
o boy does it feel nice to be in good hands.

tonight we begin work on a song temporarily titled "hush"

usually i have a title for the song and then the band has a speparate title.
"hush" was adopted because we sing the word several times.
but it's not very original. which is an ironic concern, because one of the songs themes is that there's nothing new under the sun. (side note: there actually seems to be some completely original ideas and creations under the sun... ie: the spaceship)

i started brainSTORMing for a diff title.
the song mentions the moon. and today is the "harvest moon"
turns out some dude already used that title. but hey, there's nothin new under the sun... or is there.
once in a blue moon, i suppose.

after further research it looks like technically this moon is the "hunter's moon"
which is also a common song title (just search the itunes store).


sorry for the heavy verbage and lack of visual stimuli.
hopefully we'll get some pix goin on the next post.

feel free to post song title ideas in the comments!

"the moon is empathizing how i toss and turn...

it says "hush" ..."

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