Monday, April 30, 2007

we had a fun little sunday afternoon yesterday. after church and chipotle we had a photo shoot... our good buddy phil danyew clicked the pictures for us.
what a day--

then we played a show at spaceland and brando had to wait outside the whole night until it was our turn to play (cause he's just a little baby)... haha what a dum dum... at least nate and joel got extra drink tickets.
do you think it's possible castledoor could get a newcastle endorsement?


  1. i can't believe matt is looking up my skirt.

  2. Nice photos.

    I think a Newcastle endorsement would be rather appropriate. Come on Newcastle, get to it.

  3. So I just heard about the band, where did the name come from?

  4. Wow Brandon! You look so much like Jason! At least God gave you more hair! This is a ghost from your past. I hope you are well. Your music sounds great Castledoor! Blessings. Donna D.

  5. brilliant photos, darlings.
    you are ADORABLE.
    yes. everysingleone of you! :]

  6. wow. these comments are looking great.