Sunday, April 8, 2007

follow the big bird.

happy easter y'alls!

as reported two months ago... we began work on a brand new EP.
we are proud to announce that we've been working with Aaron Espinoza from the band Earlimart.

here are a few pics from the week we spent in the studio so far:

sorry-- we didn't get too many pictures.
we shot lots of video and haven't been able to upload it cause of stupid technical difficulties.

anyway, we're so excited about our new material (duh, a-doykie).
we're hoping to finish up by the end of april, but trying to match up our schedule with aaron is like solving a rubix cube.
we can tell you that there are 6 full band tracks (if we decide to keep them all)
and that the title will be "Shoutin' At Mountains"....


  1. i like the easter pictures. very nice. can't wait for new ep!

  2. super exhilaratinggg. the new magical music will be very premium!!!
    merry resurrection day.
    & i love the phenomenal photos, darlings!!!

  3. marc jacobs bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dang, u guys look

    someone please call me for the love

  4. yay Castledoor has a Blog!

    you guys are super cute in these photos. see you guys tomorrow!!