Monday, November 12, 2007

tour 11/2007

so, we're back from our 2nd WeekendTour of the season!
it was sooo crazy!
we had 2 jam packed shows!! (jk... i don't even know what that means...)
but seriously, we played 2 shows with Earlimart.

one in Fresno, one in San Francisco.
Fresno show: nice, fun...kinda weird. some guy jumped on the side
of the stage, humping the air... i think i was the only lucky one in
the band who witnessed it--

S.F-- i would have to say this was one of our funnest shows.
i can't believe austin and robby came to the show w/ their friends,
all the way from LA...

now that's cool.

we also had Rotee deliver, so we ate naan, and masala after the show...
best food ever.
i can't believe brando was all trying to eat 2 naan....
[if you every go to have to eat here:]

so anyway.
this was probably the best weekend of my life.

w/ love,
lisa cole.

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  1. wow!! cool!!
    can't wait to see you guys wednesday at Spaceland! that show is gonna be rockin'!!lol.